Meet the Cobalt Studios Team

At Cobalt Studios, we have a committed and highly skilled team of photographers ready to make sure you receive outstanding service and imagery! The support and family of Cobalt reaches far beyond the duo behind the madness and is humbly nestled within the core of Portland’s photo centric community, and these collaborators are often onsite. Rose and Michael of Nilas Photography and Wedding Photographer Guy are studio owners and are always available to assist either in person or over the phone.



A PNW and destination photographer

The eye behind the lens. A dad, weirdo, wanderlust, and passionate photographer, dedicated to art and authenticity. Fascinated by natural sciences, abandoned buildings, and the unknown. If it wasn’t for family, would be wandering with little more than a backpack and a camera. Deeply, madly in love with Salem, Nilas, and twin flame, Rose and creating alongside them.

@xnilasx / @weddingphotographerguy



Model, Communications, booking, and image selection

Passionate model, avid concert and music lover, vinyl collector, obsessive waterfall chaser, and an absolute badass. Keeping things organized when all is unhinged. Fiercely dedicated to anything she supports or involves herself with and is the perfect counterpart for a photographer.


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